Mamirauá Reserve
Amazonas, Brazil, November 2003

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Magnificent sunset by Mamirauá lake
One of the buildings of the floating Uakari lodge
Egret by the shore of Mamirauá lake
Evening atmosphere after a spectacular sunset
Forest floor with fresh footsteps of a Jaguar
Looking up into the lush rainforest
The sun setting beneath giant trees close to Mamirauá lake
Reflection in the water by the Uakari lodge
A majestic egret flies by after catching a meal
Reflection of the setting sun on lake Mamirauá
Exploring the waters and lakes of Mamirauá
Uakari lodge during a downpour of rain
Young caiman in the water by the lodge
Egret flying through the forest close to the Uakari lodge
Enjoying the first light of day in the hammock
The last light of the day on Mamirauá lake

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