Netherlands Antilles, Summer 2001

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Punda Waterfront - distinct Dutch architecture and Caribbean colors
Palm trees and white sand at Barbara Beach
Landhouse Barbara - remains from the times of plantations and slavery
Trupial Kachó - also called Yellow Oriole
Playa Porto Marie
A little crab by DaaiBooiBaai peeking out of its hole
View towards the Christoffel Park from the outlook by Santa Martha
A tree in front of the turquoise waters of Playa Largu, one of the beaches by Landhouse San Juan
Corals that have turned to stone at the shore of Playa Largu (by San Juan)
Iguana sitting on a cactus
Traditional Kunuku house, now open as a Museum
A Blenchi (Hummingbird) resting on a cactus
Playa Forti and the fishing village of Westpunt in the background
Palm trees at Mambo Beach
The old castle by Baja Beach, Landhouse Fuik in the back
Temple Emanuel, a former synagogue, close to the Wilhelminaplein in Punda
Mansion (Herenhuis) in Scharloo
Belvedère Mansion in Otrobanda
The rocky north coast and rough waters by Boca Pistol close to Boca Tabla
Local Curaçao boy at Porto Marie beach
The white sands and turquoise waters of Playa Abao (Knip)
Sunset at DaaiBooiBaai Beach

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